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We provide a warm, loving,
caring environment.

We help couples and single, ambulatory adults retain their independence. Maximum health and contentment are achieved through an individually tailored personal care program.


Located in Hazlehurst, Georgia, Pineland Personal Care Home offers residents independence within a community. We offer private suites with private bathrooms as well as shared bed and bathrooms. Call or email today for your tour of our home.



Comfort and contentment is most important for our residents. That is what separates us from other personal care homes. We create community through our service offerings and providing a warm entertaining environment for our residents to build meaningful friendships.



We focus on building positive morale through entertaining our residents. And we believe living life to the fullest is a key to contentment. Check out our activities!


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About Us

Pineland is a personal care home which provides a comfortable and secure environment for couples or single, ambulatory adults who wish to retain independence. Maximum health, contentment, and independence are achieved with an individually tailored program of personal assistance. We accept private pay and CCSP.

What Does Our Community Think?

“I feel safe and completely at ease here. The staff is very competent, caring and work well together for the care of the residents. Meals are well planned and always with choices. Family members all look forward to coming to visit not only with me but with the other residents as well.”

Peggy F.

“The care provided to the residents is excellent, meeting not only physical needs but also showing genuine care and concern for each individual. Communication between the director (staff) and family is exemplary. It’s proven itself to have been a choice well made.”

Cindy S.

“I like the people here; they are my family now, and I must like the food because I am not losing any weight.”

Mary Elaine H.

“Pineland is a wonderful place that provides exceptional personal care. All the staff have been responsive to the needs of my 91 yr. old mother. They treat Mom with respect and allow her to keep her dignity when difficult personal moments arise. Pineland lets me participate to what level I can and takes up the slack when I cannot. I highly recommend Pineland for the care and security of a loved one. The affordability and peace of mind they have given me have been a blessing.”

Rocky R.